Coach Mike Mead

January 2014

New Year, New You!

Well, another new year is underway. Many people begin New Year’s with making resolutions that they seldom keep. For those runners seeking a new direction in the coming year, it’s about commitment.

As a runner, I want my feet to do my talking when it comes to competition. For a committed runner, that will come with the proper training and conditioning, and not just talking a good game.

The reasons many folks do not keep their New Year’s resolutions are because they lack the commitment at being successful. They have not set goals or have laid out a plan to fulfill their objective. It is very easy to state they you will do X, Y, Z, (aka—New Year’s resolution) but it is another thing to follow through.

If you want to have a successful new year regarding your running, take some time this month to develop a plan, set goals, and commit to your objective. It helps to write down your goals so you can see them several times throughout the day to reinforce your motives.

As I have stated in this space before, the reason the person who fails wanting to lose weight is because they don’t set specific goals or is fully committed to succeed. That takes discipline and making some sacrifices.

January isn’t the best time of the year to make changes or commit to a differing lifestyle. The same goes for runners unless you are motivated, committed, and disciplined.

January is cold and the days are short – not ideal conditions if you are trying to lose weight or improve your running. The proverbial deck is stacked against those individuals who are undisciplined, weak willed, or are not fully committed to seeing a plan through.

For runners to get faster and stronger, it will take not just the physical challenges, but also the challenges that play with our heads that may keep us from achieving our goals. It is these very challenges that truly make one stronger.

For example, you don’t like running when it is cold – say below 30-degrees. If you are striving to get better as a runner, those 30-dgree training days will make you tougher, physically and mentally. You overcome a weakness that strengthens you and prepares you for all conditions when it comes to competition day.

Easier said than done!

That is, when one needs a plan, one needs to be determined, one needs to be dedicated, and one needs to be committed. It helps to have a support group (coach, training partner, teammate, running buddies, etc.) if you are serious with your goals for the coming year.

Good luck this coming year with your running goals. I hope they are meaningful and not an unfulfilled New Year’s resolution.