Coach Mike Mead

May 2014

Enjoy the Weather

The month of May is perhaps the prime time for training and racing before the summer heat takes a hold. If you are looking for one of the optimum times of the year to train or race at your best, the month of May is one of the best!

The weather in May is pleasant, not only in the morning, but throughout most of the day to give runners plenty of options to run at anytime. If you have never run a race at night, man you’re missing out. Some of the best racing conditions can be found under the lights at an outdoor track meet.

If you are needing to still get in those long runs to build your training base for the Peachtree, the mornings in May are still relatively cool so that one can get in the distance without overheating. If your schedule doesn’t allow, you can get in a long run in the evening since it cools off at dusk. Whether you run in the morning or evening, be sure you accessorize so that you can be seen by drivers if you run along roads without sidewalks.

The dreaded humidity is still tolerable in May allowing runners a chance to train and race without sweating themselves to death. The lower humidity allows racers to have ideal conditions for running potential PR’s. If you are training for speed, the low humidity allows for quality workouts that will pay dividends later on in the summer.

As far as racing, runners can find a wide range of races. If you have the need for speed, track meets can fill the itch. A variety of road races ranging in distances from 5K to ultra marathons can suit just about any runner’s desire and ability. For the multi-talented athlete, you will likely find biathlons and triathlons for the challenge.

If you truly are looking for an ideal time of the year to get in shape, build your training base, or get in some serious racing, you cannot beat the month of May. So get out and enjoy the month before summer heat and humidity arrives!