Spotlight - Chuck Prevate

The following is a Q&A with Chuck Prevatte. An officer in the Army who runs for fun, health and for his job.

Run Georgia: How long have you been in the service? 
Chuck Prevatte: 14 Years

RG: What is your occupation and rank? 
Prevatte: I am an Operation Staff Officer at the Army Forces Command. I am a Captain.

RG: Where all have you been stationed at? 
Prevatte: Ft, McClellan, FT Knox, Camp Bondsteel Kosovo,  Ray Barracks in Friedberg, Germany and now at Ft. McPherson.

RG: How long have you been running? 
Prevatte: Something like 17 years now, since I started ROTC in college.

RG: What got you into running? 
Prevatte: The Army, my instructor in ROTC loved to run not only for the Army physical Fitness test but for fun also. 

RG: With the places you have traveled, what are some the unique places you have run? 
Prevatte: In Kosovo, we had a 10k race almost every month.  The course was around the perimeter of Camp Bondsteel.  It goes up what we called Radar Hill. It was something like 30 or 40 degree slope for 500m.

RG: Do you run a lot of races (events)? 
Prevatte: I used to, but since 9/11 I have been rather busy. Now that I am back in the states, I am getting back into more events.

RG: What is your favorite race?
Prevatt: My favorite race in recent years was in Lich Germany. It ends at the Lich Brewery and as you cross the finish line, they are there with half-liter bottles of good German Bier.

RG: How has being a runner helped you in your job? 
Prevatte: One of the most important things we have to be as soldiers is physically fit. Being fit helps, it not only improves our performance on the battlefield but helps deal with the stress of combat and our everyday jobs. 

RG: How has your job helped you in being a runner? 
Prevatte: Well it gives me a good excuse to run almost every day.

RG: With being in the service, is it sometimes hard to fit a run in? 
Prevatte: Not so much here at Ft. McPherson, but in line units time just slips away from you, not to mention being deployed to Grafenwhor or Hornfelds for several months at a time through out the year.  When I was a company commander, my company did run at least 3 miles 3 times a week but before 9/11 I personally was running a great course along side a river that was just less than six miles four times a week.

RG: Many runners have said that being a runner during the recent times (9/11, threat of war, etc.) has helped them in a therapeutic manner, being in the military, has running helped recently?
Prevatte: Stress relief has been a big part of my life since 9/11. Running helps me clear my head and has gives me time to think and work on issues with out the phone ringing or the computer chiming in with more email.  I have found I can go for my afternoon run and come back and actually be productive until I leave at 6:30 or 7:00 pm which is not bad for a day that starts about 4:00 am. 

Name: Charles Prevatte
Born: Huntsville, AL - Redstone Arsenal Army Hospital.
Resides: College Park, GA
Occupation: Operation Staff Officer at the Army Forces Command.
Rank: Captain
Family: Married with one daughter (6-years-old) and one son (2-years-old).

Personal Records

3K - 10:54

5K - 20:32

10K - 49:22